Justice Odili: AGF Malami reacts to indictment by home invasion suspect

Abubakar Malami, Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice has reacted to the confession of a suspect arrested for the invasion of the residence of Supreme Court Justice, Mary Peter Odili.

A statement on Thursday by his spokesman, Umar Gwandu, said with all the competent professionals at Malami’s disposal, it is only evil minds that will assume the AGF engaged “a quack or fake police officer to serve as his consultant”.

The minister called the allegation of his accuser a case of a drowning man scavenging for a dying partner.

Malami noted that investigation has commenced to unravel the circumstances, personalities behind the invasion and the sponsored campaign of calumny against him.

Gwandu said the probe would disclose those after the AGF, those dragging his personality, his name and his exalted office in the dirty politics of disrepute.

“This is an orchestrated attempt to stir unnecessary controversies and Public apprehension.

“We asked the suspect to present documents of engagements where he worked as a consultant to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, whether in past or now.

“Consultant for what? Which activity or assignment? When was he engaged? What were the terms of references for the alleged consultancy service? When was he engaged?

“Where was he engaged? Which worked has he executed for the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation and the Ministry of Justice? For what duration? And for how much?

“We boldly and unequivocally challenge the fake consultant/police officer to come out with answers or responses to these questions to the general public.”

Malami said he superintends over and respects the rule of law and will not do anything to undermine the sanctity of his office and the entire judiciary.

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