OAP alleges some restaurants use rotten tomatoes, pepper and onions to cook for their customers (photos)

An On-Air-Personality, Vee, has raised alarm over the unhygienic food items some owners of restaurants use in making for their customers.

In a Twitter thread, Vee said she visited a store where she went to blend tomatoes and pepper she bought in bulk and was shocked when she found a restaurant owner blending rotten tomatoes and pepper brought in by a restaurant owner.

She stated that the store owner told her that many restaurant owners bring such to her to blend.

‘’While I was there,a woman came with a bowl that has things that belonged to the dustbin

She instructed them to wash & grind

Immediately she left,the grinder kept saying

“una dey chop rubbish for restaurant sha”

“Na so them dey buy come keep for here”

“I no fit chop outside”she wrote

Read her tweets and watch the video below…

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