Bamise Would Still Be Alive If Sanwo Olu Had Installed CCTV In All BRT Buses – Uche Maduagwu Says

Uche Maduagwu has reacted to the sad demise of Bamise saying if governor Sanwo Olu had installed CCTV cameras in all BRT buses instead of chasing Okada riders, she would still be alive.

Bamise is a young girl who was declared mission and found dead in a BRT bus a few days later, and it’s alleged that the driver of the BRT bus killed her, and fortunately, he has been arrested but Uche Maduagwa blames governor Sanwo Olu as well.

According to him, if the governor had installed CCTV cameras in all BRT buses to check their works every single day, Bamise would have been alive instead of chasing Okada riders and she’s just 1 out of hundreds still missing.

Uche Maduagwu then slammed the governor saying it will not take a serious and empathetic governor anything to comfort the family of Bamise and also assure those using the BRT buses daily that this will never happen again.

Nigerians are always calling for justice for someone every single day but the justice they demand is never served which is very sad, we hope the justice Bamise deserved is served because it’s inhumane for a man to take the life of another.

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