Southern Govs have right to demand notice of security operations – Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, founder of One Love Family, has backed the Southern Governors’ Forum after they insisted the Federal Government must notify them before security agencies carry out operations in their states.

Maharaj Ji said their northern counterparts, who have frowned at the governors’ resolution, do not know what they are saying.

He said this in a chat  on Thursday.

The self-acclaimed god on earth however urged the governors to pass laws backing up their resolutions.

“For a football match, there must be a winner. They are all playing football. Nigerians will win in the end. The whole idea is that how can security come from Abuja to come and attack somebody in Lagos or Calabar, for instance, without the state government knowing?

“It is just a loss of trust; loss of support which has not been coming from the federal level in the past. We are all behaving like tribal warlords and in the last 40 years I have been trying to teach people that the black people are the greatest lovers on the planet and so whatever is said at the governors’ meeting is in order whatever the northerners are saying, I don’t think they know what they are saying,” he said.

Maharaj Ji lambasted Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami over his comment on the ban on open grazing by the Southern Governors.

“When they said no open grazing they should stop, the Minister of Justice said if that is the case, then we won’t allow your spare parts to come to the north. Imagine that. What has spare parts got to do with this matter? We’re talking about life and death, people are losing their farms, they are losing their children, their wives, losing their money and support they need to send their children to school because when the farms are attacked, they have nothing to do. So whatever the northern people are saying, I tell you, they didn’t say it from the bottom of their hearts.

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“The southern governors should wake up; they should not listen to anybody. They should legislate, they should go to the House of Assembly and legislate because the northern governors are part of the system. They should wait, Buhari will be pleased to hear that they have made laws so nothing can stop it. When they legislate, it becomes law, nobody can stop it,” he added.

The spiritual leader also blasted Buhari over the ban on Twitter in Nigeria. He described his adviser as incompetent, saying the move was totally unnecessary.

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