Dementia Affecting Buhari, Only Cabal See Him After 5pm – Presidential Source Reveals

President Muhammadu Buhari is reportedly struggling to carry out his daily activities as his undisclosed health challenges are taking their toll on his ability to perform.

A top presidential source disclosed to SaharaReporters that Buhari goes off duty at 5 pm daily because of this challenge.

The source also revealed that urgent national issues are left unattended to by Buhari the moment it is 5pm Nigerian time and postponed till the following day.

“The President is tired, it’s no more news that he has dementia, a mental sickness that causes memory loss and impaired judgment.

“Currently, he won’t attend to files till 10am and the moment it’s 5pm, he goes off duty. Even if Nigeria is on fire, he won’t make any decision. Nobody can see him again except members of the (Presidency) cabal and close family members. This is seriously affecting his handling of national matters.

“We were here when Goodluck Jonathan was President; he would work till 11pm daily,” the source said.

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