Some Preachers Have Become Part Of Nigeria’s Problem – Adesina

The special adviser on media and publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina on Thursday said some preachers see nothing good about Nigeria.

He alleged that such clerics are part of the country’s problems because they always say and project negative images about Nigeria.

Adesina made the submission in an article titled; “Nigeria will fly again: we can believe Kumuyi” in which he commended the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi for being optimistic about Nigeria despite the current challenges.

“We are praying and if we are praying and criticizing, we have hatred for one another, in that environment prayer cannot work in an optimal and maximal way. But if we understand and stop identifying; this person is my enemy and problem, that tribe is the problem, and if we stop all that and just look up to God, and love one another,” then the expected change will come.”

“What deep, penetrating words from the former Mathematics teacher, who heads one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the country. And how perspicacious, encouraging, comforting, unlike the things we hear from some pulpits, organizations, and preachers today. Those ones have become veritable parts of the problems of the country,” Adesina noted in his article.

The presidential media aide commended Pastor Kumuyi for departing from making negative confessions about Nigeria and wondered why other preachers are always attacking the leaders of the country.

“Back to Kumuyi and the state of the nation. Nigeria can fly again. There will be a turnaround. But that’s not what we hear from most preachers today. They talk of doomsday, encourage their members to hate the country and its leadership, give negative prophecies that keep falling flat on their faces, because “God is still interested in Nigeria,” as Pastor Kumuyi said.”

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“Do those other preachers read copies of the Holy Bible different from the one Kumuyi reads? I wonder. Why are they then full of bile and ill will against their country and the leadership? Was it because the sluice gate got closed? Did money stop flowing to them unlike in the recent past? Why do they exhibit such hatred, and make outlandish claims in the name of God? Why don’t they preach hope, but rather provoke their members to hate?” Adesina noted.

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