The Beautiful Palace Of The Ooni Of Ife (Photos & Video)

Hello beautiful people, Since after the lock down was eased. I have been doing some wakawaka. So I found my way to Osun State. The place where the yoruba race started. As a lover of history, I decided to trace the story of these beautiful people.

Osun State is located in South west and shares a border with Oyo, Ogun and Ondo State.
Yoruba’s believed that Oduduwa is the progenitor of the Yoruba race which makes it easy to trace their origin. This is a folklore that is shared by every Yoruba states.

They believed Ile Ife was where everything started from. Ile Ife is an ancient city and it is believed to be the cradle of Yoruba civilisation. So on getting to Ife, I headed straight to the Palace of the Ooni of Ife and what I saw was really incredible. It can be rated as one of the most beautiful palaces in Nigeria.

The palace has three courts, the Emese Court, the Council of Elders Court and the Supreme Court. The Emese Court is handled by the Emese who are a version of the British Royal Guards. They are in charge of simple matters , The council of elders handle some bigger issue while the Supreme Court is headed by the King

Picture below is the Eruwa Square, it is located opposite the Ooni of Ife palace

Watch Video below:

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