Coronavirus: 200,000 Cases Recorded Globally

The Spectator Index has reported that the recorded number of coronavirus has reached 200,000.

However, Worldometer, a website providing updates on the virus, and the Johns Hopkins University tracker as at this morning, reported 199,338 with the worst hit being China, Italy, Iran, Spain and Germany.

The number of death resulting from the disease is now 7,994 while 82,783 patients have recovered from it.

This has led various government across the world to take drastic measures to limit the spread of the disease.
Border closure, airport shutdown, travel bans and suspension of congregational prayers are some of the decisions made by governments across the world to tackle the spread.

US President Donald Trump had declared a national emergency and announced a $50 billion fund to fight the disease.

A new study by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that the virus can stay in the air and on surfaces for days.

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