PHOTOS: Present Condition Of The New Lagos Marcopolo BRT Bus

This thread is created to share my experience on the new Lagos BRT buses deployed to move Lagosians intrastate.

This review is based on personal experience,having using the buses to get to places around some parts of Lagos, i can say its a cool one.

The buses seems to be doing well but with few damages which if neglected, it will accumulate and later incure more huge cost in repairing.


Some USB ports seems to be damaged;of which damages were caused by passengers carelssness. Although some ports seems to be working perfectly well.


All seats are perfectly in place. None appears to be damaged in the buses have boarded over the last two months.


The new BRT bus cost relatively the same as other commercial transits but passangers still opt for it due to its on-board air conditioner, free wifi(2g) and convenience.


External parts of some buses seems to have suffered from scratches and dents caused by slight collisions and impatient drivers around the streets of Lagos.


Interior seems to be wow as the look is somthing to behold.

This are just my review over the last few months have been moving around Lagos with the bus facilities. Maintenance culture needs to be put in place so the buses don’t just go back to the cloud before time.


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