OPC Warns IPOB Against Attack On Yoruba Territory

The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has warned the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) against attacking any Yoruba territory.

OPC issued the warning on Sunday in a statement by its president Rasaq Arogundade in a reaction to IPOB’s alleged threat to attack the Lagos.

There were alleged attacks on Igbo people in Lagos during the presidential and National Assembly polls.

And IPOB in a statement alleged that the move was meant to stop Igbo people from voting, threatening that they might retaliate such actions.

However, the OPC in the statement, said “The Igbo are again exhibiting lack of contentment and appreciation of divine goodness in their lives.

“Where in Igboland are strangers accorded the privileges being enjoyed by Igbo in Lagos and Yorubaland?

“Igbo have lived peacefully in Lagos and the entire Yorubaland for ages. They carry out their business and own property unmolested.

“As a matter of correction, there is no single Igbo stronghold in Lagos or any other part of Yorubaland.

“What exist are areas of high concentration of Igbo dwellers, who live side by side other immigrants and indigenes.”

It added that “It is no coincidence that Yorubaland (South-West Nigeria) has been the most peaceful part in Nigeria.

“The relative peace is not because of fear or cowardice but a deliberate policy of our forebears, who after fighting many wars, have resolved to make peaceful and communal living the way of life.

“That we are accommodating and friendly should not be misconstrued as a weakness or sign of timidity as the OPC is fully ready to repel any attack on Yoruba territory from any quarter.”

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