2023: ‘Igbo Presidency Achievable Only Through PMB’s Re-election’

A political interest group from the Southeastern part of the country, Oganiru Ndigbo, has said that the only way an Igbo presidency can be achievable in 2023 is through the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group insisted that they arrived at the decision after careful analysis of the political climate of the country and what would be in the overall interest of the Igbo race, which is to ensure that there is a balance in the country’s power equation.

Speaking at a ceremony in Abuja, yesterday, to unveil strategies to actualise their target, the national coordinator of Oganiru Ndigbo, Chief Charles Agbakahi, said the aim of the organisation is to support President Buhari to achieve the vision of Igbo presidency in 2023.

“The mandate, which we are seeking for, is Igbo presidency in 2023. If you check from the history of this very country, it is only the Igbos that have not had their son sited in Aso Rock Villa.

This time around we are going to support this present administration so that in 2023 we are going to occupy the seat in Aso Rock.

“Right from the onset, the northerners have had good relations with the Igbos politically. We have been playing along with them and sharing a lot of things in common with them but immediately after the civil war, everything separated and things were no longer the way they used to be.

“However, we are now determined to come back and play in the national politics once again. We are assuring other Nigerians that we are not going to stay out of the corridors of power again.

That is why we have decided to support President Buhari to complete his second tenure so that a Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction can emerge in 2023 with his backing,” he said. In his remark, a member of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, Murtala Mohammed, welcomed the support by the Igbo group, saying that the action is in the spirit of one Nigeria.

Speaking on the opposition’s reaction to President Buhari’s performance at the recent Town Hall interactive session, Mohammed said people are free to pass their assessments on the president the way they like but he remains an honest and sincere leader.

He said: “You can call him anything but the only thing you cannot call him is a thief. So they can continue giving him names because you can never be a leader without a challenge,” he said.


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