Photos: My First 100 Days as Governor of Lagos – GRV

I have a vision for a new Lagos. Here is my action plan for the first 100 Days in office.

On Day 1 in Office, salary of Civil Servants will be increased 100% to N60,000 monthly

A first step for a Lagos where every worker has health care, pensions and similar benefits.

Pull down all toll gates in Lekki Ajah axis and Ikoyi link bridge.

Advertise for the employment of 10,000 teachers with outstanding grades (First Class and Second Upper or Upper Credit) to start a process of repositioning teaching as a middle-class career.

Issue Guidelines to open up the BRT routes to all investors who meet the minimum standards.

Create a program for widespread investment in public transport by all willing Lagosians and investors.

Issue Guidelines for markets to operate autonomously and appoint their own Iyalojas and Babalojas.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour
Labour Party Candidate for Governor of Lagos State.

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