18th February: Today in Nigeria history, over 1000 soldiers raided Fela Kuti’s home, threw 78-year-old mother off window; other events

History is a jumble of accidents, blunders, surprises, and absurdities, and so is our knowledge of it, according to historian Henry Steele Commager (1902–1998), but if we are to record it at all, we must impose some order onto it.

When we look back or reflect on the past, it’s not because we are happy or excited about the tragic events or stories; rather, we do it for educational and life-lesson purposes.

In an effort to close the gap in historical documentation and for educational purposes, WITHIN NIGERIA has highlighted six significant historical events that occurred on February 18th in Nigeria.

Destruction of Fela’s home, Kalakuta Republic

More than 1,000 armed soldiers encircled the property on this day in 1977, destroyed the generator, and brutally treated the residents.

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Legendary Afrobeats musician Fela claimed that he was beaten and dragged out of the main house by his genitalia. He only managed to survive thanks to the intervention of a commanding officer.

Many women allegedly were raped, and Funmilayo, Fela’s 78-year-old mother, was reportedly killed after being thrown through a window of a storey building.

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