2023: Dunamis Pastor Enenche tells Nigerians God’s will ahead of presidential election

With 41 days to the presidential election, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Paul Enenche, on Sunday hinted at the will of God for Nigeria.

Enenche disclosed that the will of God for Nigeria is the presidential candidate who enjoys massive support from Nigerian youths and is healthy.

Addressing his members at the church’s headquarters in Abuja, the clergyman said God’s will for Nigeria has an impeccable result in the area of corruption and had built a successful life outside of government and public office.

He said: “We know the will of God for Nigeria; if you have eyes and listen, then you know. Who is he with so many youths in his support? Who is he that has enough health and vitality and is not baggage of affliction? Who is he that has enough mental clarity, sharpness, precision, and accuracy of presentation and not speaking garbage that is a subject of mockery?

“Who is he that has had enough success in life outside of government? A person who can run his life and be successful can run an institution. We have many people whose money can not be traced except to government and public office; we don’t know what they bought or sold except that they were in government and became rich.

“Who is he that has traceable records both in public and private life? Who is he that has verifiable records? Who is he that has a corruption-free record? Who is he that has come out of the marginalized zone of this nation where it appeared that people from that zone must not grow? Who is he that has a heart for people while others don’t? I think you all know who I’m talking about.”

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