Independence Day: Nigeria in dire need of power devolution – Akeredolu

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the Governor of Ondo State and Chairman of the Southern Nigeria Governors Forum, has said that the nation urgently needs power devolution that will support the regions, lessen unrest, and address the nation’s problems holistically.

In order to solve the multitude of issues the country is currently facing, Akeredolu also urged for coordinated efforts.

In a statement signed by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde, congratulating Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 62nd Independence anniversary, Akeredolu urged the people to maintain their faith in the nation and embrace peace.

Also, Akeredolu urged voters to make the right choice when casting their ballots in the general election of 2023.

“No doubt, our country is going through difficult times. It is time for us to rethink this pseudo federalism and heed the calls by sub-nationals to restructure the polity in a way that will engender progress and development. It is the only way to solve the current socio-economic problems facing the country.

“The federating units must not be over-dependent on the Federal Government. The over-centralization of the polity is the very bane of our collective existence as a country. There must be a total departure from this tread. The current situation must not linger for far too long.”

Akeredolu urged voters to support a candidate in the 2023 election who has years of experience, competence, capacity, and reach.

He also urged voters to consider the necessity of advancing equality and fairness by transferring power to the south.

He expressed optimism that the nation will overcome its enduring difficulties and that prosperity, peace, and progress would reverberate throughout the land.

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