Corps Member Constructs Link Road For Community, Shares Photos

A youth corper, Obinna Gabriel has single handedly constructed a link road for Ayegbami, a community he is currently serving in Kwara state. Naija News reports.

According to Obinna, in a lengthy post via the micro blogging platform, Twitter, he became overwhelmed with compassion after the locals told him, the erosion had claimed two kids and shut down small businesses.

He went on to narrate how he rallied for funds which got the attention of the community’s representative in the House of Reps to reach out to him, thereby including the project in his constituency budget for 2021.

10 months later, Obinna shared photos of the fixed road, thanking everyone who showed their support.

Read his post below;

“It was the biggest challenge in Ayegbami. I had just arrived as a Corps member 10 months ago. I was told the erosion had claimed two kids, businesses closed, inaccessibility to about seven other communities, etc. Overwhelmed with compassion I swore I’d do something about it.

“It was my first NYSC project. I drafted the proposal and wrote to organizations, the commissioner of works and media houses. I brought NTA ILORIN, KWARA TV and SOBI FM for wider reach. Fortunately, my advocacy got to the community’s representative in the House of Reps.

“He reached out to me, then included it in his constituency budget for 2021. Fast forward to today, Ayegbami community’s link road has been fixed. I’m so excited and grateful to God Almighty. It was worth all the stress. @ToyosiGodwin is part of this success, gave massive support.

“It took up another project, and I’d be rounding it off this month. I’ll tell it’s own story soonest.”

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