As the Nation marks 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day across the Federation on Saturday, January 15, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria has warned on politics of money, religion, tribalism and nepotism, stating that these are part of the vices that led to Civil War in Nigeria about Fifty-Five Years ago (1967).

This was contained in a goodwill message to all serving and retired Military Officers in Nigeria to mark today’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day which was concluded with the laying of the wreath, parade and special prayers for serving, departed Military Officers and the Nation.

In its press statement to mark Saturday’s occasion, the Group warned on dangerous trend in Nigeria’s Civilian Governance whereby money politics, tribalism, nepotism and religious politics are being amplified to the detriment of good governance, integrity, honesty and transparency stating that over 55 years after some dissident soldiers truncated our hard-earned Nation’s Independence and civil rule, the Nation is ‘yet to get it right’.

The statement, signed by its National Coordinator Alh. Ibrahim Abdullahi, attributed the current crises facing Nigeria such as insecurity, tribalism, religious bigotry, money politics, poverty, disease and corruption to bad governance arising from the improper and expensive system of governance as well as corruption; pointing out that the Nation must look for a cheaper system of governance by amending the Constitution and reducing drastically the take-home pay of political office holders. The group stressed that “the current Presidential System and its operation cannot work in present-day Nigeria.

“We should entrust the Nation and our States in the hands of God-fearing people who would rule with the fear of Allah, equity, justice and fairness to all, the Group stated.”

On unity and progress of the Nation, the Group called on all office-seekers come 2023 to make fashioning a new Constitution and fighting corruption their campaign promises; as there cannot be unity and progress where the Nation’s financial resources are concentrated in the hands of few while millions of people die of lack of job, hunger, poverty, insecurity and disease.

MMWG commended the Security Forces in the Country for their sacrifice for the Nation and warn politicians to stop fanning embers of hatred through religion, tribal, ethnic sentiments. They should also stand clear of hatred and animosity based on political parties differences as people know that most of them are always out to fight for their personal interests and not for the people.

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