“Go Home And Rest” – Omokri Mocks Buhari After President Reveals Age Is Telling On Him

Former presidential media aide during the administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari over his claim that he works six to eight hours daily.

According to Omokri, the hours are very insignificant when weighed against what is expected from the leader of the country as even Chief Executive Officers of organizations work for longer hours.

President Buhari on Thursday noted that he looks forward to finishing his tenure as age is telling on him.

He made this claim while speaking in an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA on Thursday.

The president when asked about how he feels after celebrating his 79th birthday, said being president is hard work and that he looks forward to when his tenure would end in 2023 so he can rest like others of his age range, adding that working for six to eight hours every day is no joke.

But Omokri has taken to his social media page to tell President Buhari to go home and rest if he is unable to cope with the demands of his office.

He added that complaining because of six to eight hours of work is part of the reasons Nigeria has been falling apart under his watch.

According to Omokri: “Buhari complained of working for six hours daily, saying it’s too much for him. Can you imagine? No wonder Nigeria is falling apart under him.

“How can a President work for only six hours? When even CEOs of corporations work for 10-12 hours. Buhari, go home and rest!”

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