VIDEO: ‘Now We Realize Jonathan Was Nice, Buhari A Failure’ – Protesting Northern Woman

Northerners have come out in their large number in the past few months, to express their dismay and anger over the long lasting insecurity and hunger in that part of the country, blaming the President of the Federal Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari for their condition, IgbereTV reports.

A protest held by the Northerners in Abuja was led by a female, and she said:

A woman, who led the protest said:

“North is bleeding, Nigeria is bleeding, and people are dying. Baba Buhari, let me refresh your memory, we are standing here as your children, as a father, you are supposed to protect us. When we voted you in, Baba you promised to secure our lives, but it seems, you were just after power. Women are being raped on daily basis, children are being killed, and farms are being razed by fires. All the security operatives you are sending here to stop us from telling you the truth, why don’t you send them to where people are bleeding”

She further asked, “what is it you have against the mass? This is my personal question Baba Buhari, where did we go wrong to deserve this neglect, harassment?, you are using force on us to keep quiet?”.

“Baba today, we are standing and we are telling you to your face, that enough is enough, we are demanding not asking because it’s our right; secure the north (they all shouted). we are here not to fight, not to cause you damage but to tell you the picture truth , because we stood for you, we fought for you to put you in that office. Today you have failed us”, they all said expressing fierce anger.

She acknowledged the past tenure of Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. She said:

“I say to Goodluck Jonathan Ebele, thank you for being a good man, it is now we realizing that are you are a very nice and honest man. Thank you Jonathan, tomorrow if you come out we will vote you. Baba, you are a failure” she said with tears in her eyes while blasting the current administration in Hausa language.”

“We are out to tell you the truth baba, today, I regret ever voting for you” as the crowd shouted in agreement.

See video below.