Photos: Is Kapadoccia the Most Beautiful Restaurant In Lagos?

Christmas just got spicier with the grand opening of Kappadocia Lagos – Nigeria’s first cave dining experience. Named after the famed prehistoric city of Cappadocia, Kapadoccia invites you on a surreal journey of adventure and discovery, as you explore the mysterious landscape and fascinating dishes that reflect an ancient city shaped by nature.

Kappadocia Lagos brings an eclectic menu heavily inspired by Turkish classics and that distinct Nigerian flavour that continues to excite your taste buds long after you’ve finished your meal. Choosing from an array of mouthwatering Turkish cuisines ranging from starters, main courses, desserts and salads, Kapadoccia Lagos creates a delicious fusion of both Nigerian and Turkish cultures, while maintaining dedication to premium customer satisfaction.

The menu also features refreshing cocktails and mocktails. A true lover of Turkish cuisine or simply trying it out for the first time, the diverse and creative mix provides an indelible dining experience like no other. As you venture into this exquisite dining experience, it will become evidently clear that every moment spent is definitely worth it.