Why women blame themselves for delay in having babies — Wumi Toriola

Actress, Wumi Toriola, is of the view that it’s wrong to always blame the woman when a couple is having trouble conceiving.

The Queen Lateefat actress stated this in an interview with a former Big Brother Naija contestant, Wathoni Anyansi, on her show, Let’s Talk Kids and More.

Toriola said, “I think we women put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. We have the mentality that if conception doesn’t come fast, the fault has to be from the woman. But, many times, it is from the man. However, because we have already taken the guilt, we believe everything should be from us. We take a lot of responsibilities that are not even ours. Women need to relax.”

The mother-of-one noted that her hormones got the better part of her during her pregnancy. She said, “A fan ‘trolled’ me during my pregnancy. I got hold of her and felt like killing her. My hormones were at work. People around me did not understand (what was happening). (It was) until I had my baby (that) I had peace. I was then asking myself if I actually did all those things. Only a few people understand that one cannot predict the kind of hormones one would have during pregnancy.”

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