NUR Announces Nationwide Strike

National Union of Railway Workers (NUR) and its Senior Staff Association, SSA, Railway Branch, have announced a three-day strike effective from Thursday, November 18, 2021.

The union stated that the reason for their decision was due to an altercation with the management of the NRC over poor welfare on November 10.

The leaders of the two in-house unions consequently issued a circular on Friday, November 12 announcing their resolution.

The circular read: “The leadership of the Nigeria Union of Railway Workers (NUR) and Senior Staff Association (SSA) NRC Branch, in a joint meeting held in Lagos on Wednesday, 10th November 2021 where the welfare of the workers of the Corporation as put before the Management was taken through exhaustively critical discourse and review, has finally unanimously resolved:

“That all the district organs (DWCs) of the NUR and SSA should, as a matter of expedience, summon a general meeting of all the workers of their districts on Monday, 15th November 2021 at exactly 10.00 a.m prompt and, in unambiguous terms, notify the entire workers of the commencement of a 3-day warning strike beginning from midnight prior to Thursday, 18th through Saturday, 20th November 2021.

“The DWCs of both the NUR and SSA should fuse up, resume, and function as their Districts’ Strike Action Committee prior to the commencement of the 3-day warning strike and throughout the period of the strike and shall ensure full and total compliance of all the workers with the strike as declared by the joint leadership of the two in-house unions.”

The circular maintained that the chairmen and secretaries of the organization would be responsible for feedback while the strike is ongoing.

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It also stated that each district could have autonomy on how it plans to carry out the strike but prayers must be conducted within the premises of the organization while stressing that the destruction of railway assets would not be tolerated by the union.

They urged the workers to participate actively in the strike by gathering behind their union leader to show their support.

“This planned strike is just to send a warning signal to the right quarters to heed our demands for improved welfare and standard condition of service and may be followed with a protracted strike plan,” it added.

“The district leadership of the unions should always await further directives from Lagos from time to time as may be deemed expedient by the national officers of the unions.

“Every district must comply with this notice as any act prejudicial to this notice will be viewed very seriously and strictly by the leadership of the unions.”

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