Anambra Decides: INEC reveals when Nigerians will see election results on portal

The Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, has informed Nigerians, especially those paying keen interest on the Anambra governorship election on when to visit its Election Results Viewing Portal for results.

The Commission explained that the portal is basically for the viewing of results and is not expected to display other forms of information.

INEC assured that the election results would be uploaded from the 5,634 polling units to its result-viewing portal.

The electoral umpire, however said that those kin on seeing the results from the portal must have to wait until the collation have been done manually.

It said the result-viewing portal would only be active from 3:30 to 4 pm when polling units must have counted their results.

Speaking  on how the portal functions and when Nigerians should expect results to start entering the portal, INEC’s Spokesman, Rotimi Oyekanmi, said: “It is Result Viewing Portal which means that it is platform where election results are displayed by INEC.

“Results for the Anambra election have not started coming in. There’s no results yet so nothing is expected to be on the portal.

“The results are expected to be uploaded between 3:30 to 4pm later today because the election ends by 2pm and the INEC officials are not expected to count results until the last person on the queue votes.

“So, it is when the registered voters in each polling unit have finished voting and votes are counted that results will be uploaded to the portal. “

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