Ghana Elections: More Than 17 Million People Are Expected To Cast Their Ballots Today

More than 17 million people are expected to cast their ballots in Ghana’s presidential and parliamentary elections on Monday.
Voting will take place at more than 38,000 polling stations in 16 regions of Ghana.

The head of the Ghana Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, has warned voters and the media to refrain from inciting unrest over the election results.

Jean Mensa said the Ghana Electoral Commission (GEC) was solely responsible for announcing the results, as required by law.

People have started coming out around 2:00 pm to cast their ballots.

President and NPP candidate Nana Akufo-Addo addressed the nation on Sunday evening.

The president urged Ghanaians to be law abiding at their polling booths and warned them that the security forces would punish anyone who broke the law.

We reported earlier that voters in Ghana will be able to cast their ballots on today even if their voter cards are lost, according to the Ghana Electoral Commission (GEC).

The Electoral Commission says a person will only go to his polling booth to say his registered name, which will be checked by election officials.

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