2023 Presidency: I’m Ready And Prepared – Bakare

The Senior pastor of the Citadel Global Church, Tunde Bakare, has declared his intention to run in 2023 presidential election.

The running mate of President Muhammadu Buhari called on the president to work hard to leave behind a legacy before his tenure runs out.

The cleric in his statement noted that the President still has years to create history, if he learns to stay away from bad counsels.

Bakare noted that bad advice had kept him from knowing the real situation in Nigeria other than the lies he is being told.

The former Vice presidential candidate while speaking on Arise TV stated that he has the right to run for any political office in 2023.

“Every Nigerian citizen who has the aspiration to add value to this country is at liberty so to do. It is my fundamental right to run if I chose to. I mean every word I spoke. I cannot fold my hand or say well, let me continue to watch. No.”

“My support for former president Goodluck Jonathan then was more or less based on what the late Obafemi Awolowo said that days would come when someone from a minority will rule this country which happened in the time of Jonathan.”

“I am a citizen of this country, born and bred here by the grace of God and I intend to contribute my quota. It is like a matter of life and death. If we have the right people, I will support them. And if I offer myself and people support me, so be it. I am not taking those words back. I have something to offer my country.”

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“But it is all left for my country to say we want you because I cannot impose myself on them. I challenge right-thinking patriots to rise and let us join hands to fix our country. If God designs it that I will be the 16th president in 2023, I’m ready. I’m prepared. I have no word to impress anybody. All I have is quality service and God who took David from the sheepfold to shepherd the nation of Israel has trained me for over 30 years to be able to add my value to this country,” he said.

“One of the things I pray for President Buhari is that God should deliver him from wicked counsels and counsellors who tell him life is sweet and that everything is going fine, but without giving him the reports from the streets.”

“In 2015, it seemed as if we had a long time. But, four years has gone and we are into the second year of the second term which is going to end soon. Time is going and anyone who is thinking of legacy, it is the best time to go into action – maybe two, or three things which people may see and say in the days of President Buhari, Nigeria took a giant trip in these three areas.”

“Without that, it will just be like he came twice first as military head of state and second as democratically elected president without much being ascribed to him as achievements of his administration.”

“President Buhari still has enough time to leave behind an enduring legacy. He can still do a lot between 2021 and 2022 because 2020 is already running out,” he said.

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