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Brussels cancels driving classes and exams due to coronavirus measures

Driving exams and driving classes in Brussels are canceled until 13 December following the tighter measures announced by the Consultative Committee on Friday, Brussels Mobility said on Sunday.

Driving lessons and exams are not considered as essential activities according to the Ministerial Decree outlining the stricter measures, the regional mobility service explained.

As a result, all driving classes are cancelled, as are theoretical and practical exams and the mandatory ‘return moment’ six to nine months after obtaining one’s driving licence.

Aspiring drivers who had enrolled for exams will be contacted by the examination centres, Brussels Mobility said.

Temporary driving licences that were set to expire were recently extended to 31 December.

The federation of Driving Schools and Approved Training Centres (Federdrive) expects that 30,000 fewer driving licences will be issued in the coming weeks, it warned on Sunday. During the first lockdown, that number rose to 34,000, according to Federdrive.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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