Belgium suspends sale of clothing, kitchen utensils and toys in supermarkets

Supermarkets and related businesses allowed to remain open will not be able to sell goods usually available in other stores closed as a result of measures against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The measure affects mainly toys, kitchen utensils and clothing, according to a ministerial decree promulgated on Sunday in Belgium’s Official Gazette, Le Moniteur.

It also covers household and garden furniture, barbecues, mobile heaters, ornamental goods except for candles, multimedia and electronic goods, telecoms accessories, jewellery, leatherware and sporting goods.

All these goods need to remain inaccessible to the public in businesses that are allowed to remain open. However, they can be delivered or picked up after being ordered from businesses open to the public as well as those that need to remain closed.

Do-it-yourself stores can remain open, but they are only allowed to sell materials for work in the home or garden.

The decree also includes the list of stores that can remain open, which had already been published on Saturday by the minister in charge of independents and SMEs, David Clarinval.

These include food stores, whether they open by day or at night, and establishments selling hygiene products, health-care goods and animal feed.

Pharmacies, newspaper vendors and bookstores, gas stations, fuel suppliers, and telecommunication stores, except for those selling accessories are also exempt.

Stores specialising in medical supplies and equipment, garden centres and nurseries, wholesalers catering for professionals, specialised retailers that sell cloth, thread, knitting wool, haberdashery or office supplies are also allowed to remain open.

The Brussels Times

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