New Measures: No ban on non-essential journeys

Belgium will not be implementing a ban on non-essential journeys as part of the new coronavirus fighting measures, which have broken in the regional press ahead of the 7:00 PM conference.

As expected, the consultative committee has stepped up measures across the country, with new rules expected to run from Sunday night until at least 13 December.

Here is what is known at this time.

Social contacts will be limited to one “hug contact” which can change weekly.
Visiting family or friends at home is no longer allowed.
Outside gatherings of more than 4 not allowed.
Singles will be allowed one extra hug contact.

Essential stores (supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies) will stay open
Non-Essential must close until 1 December, when it will be evaluated
Contact professions (hairdressers and beauticians) must stop working

Autumn holiday: which has already been extended, will be further extended to Sunday, 15 November.

More information will be available in the press conference set to start after 7:00 PM. This story will be updated to include any relevant information.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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