Nigerians Blast Woman Who Forgot Her Child At Abuja #EndSars Protest

Nigerians on social media have blasted a woman who forgot her child at Abuja #EndSars protest and refused to pick her up immediately she was contacted.

According to @MrOdanz on twitter, the woman abandoned her little girl with the medical team at Abuja #EndSars protest. She was however contacted on the phone to come pickup her child, instead she told the team to keep her, adding that she would come for her the next day.

Although the woman finally came to get her child after she was bashed for suggesting that her child spend the night with strangers.

Concerned Nigerians have reacted aggressively to what the woman did. See some reactions below;

ade_bossb wrote “They shouldn’t give her back the child! That child isn’t safe”

nelson_emmanuels wrote “I don’t think they should have given the daughter back to her without close supervision. That’s if at all they decide to give her back. She’s not supposed to be a mother.”

un____________bothered wrote “She want to use style and abandon the child”

lapacimo wrote “Ahhh what kind of carelessness is this when it’s not a hand bag”

wigsbydiana wrote “If we had an active child welfare in Nigeria I promise you she shouldn’t be given that child back. Such negligence smh”

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