Lady Is Rushed To Hospital After Her Dog Allegedly Tore Her V*gina

The patient makes her dog perform cunnilingus on her occasionally but on that day, she forced the dog to go faster.

A lady has taken to Twitter to share a rather weird story of a lady who was rushed to the emergency room after her dog tore up her v*gina.

According to her, she got the information from her friend at the emergency room (ER).

It was alleged that the patient makes her dog perform cunnilingus on her occasionally, but on this unfortunate day, she was forcing the dog to go faster when it tore her skin.

The twitter user with handle @missy_onix wrote;

“Y’all my friend at the ER said they rushed a lady in cause her dog tore her vagina. Apparently she makes the dog eat her out occasionally and was pushing the dog to eat her harder when he tore off her skin.”

Other Twitter users have expressed their shock and irritation at the story.