Reasons Why Young Women In Their ’20s’ Fall In Love With 81-Year-Old Alaafin Of Oyo Surface

Following the report that his Royal Majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and paramount ruler of Oyo town married a 23-year-old lady, it appears the 81-year-old monarch, a man of many wives has no plans to slow down anything soon.

The respected Yoruba monarch and the Alaafin of Oyo has continued to shock people especially critics who thought the king was no longer in the market where brides are bought with money, power sometimes love.

Many people have wondered and pondered what attracts the young women to an octogenarian. This question probably lies in the minds of many critics and lovers who are strict followers of the monarch’s lifestyle.

While many people have concluded that wealth and affluence are major attractions, it was gathered by Social Circuit that there are other things that make the king likable.

According to palace sources, the monarch is funny, knowledgeable, witty and caring besides placing great value on educating women.

In an interview granted to BBC Yoruba this year, Olori Anoluwapo Adeyemi, one of his young wives admitted she had never regretted marrying the king regardless of what the public say.

She stated: “I feel being the wife of a king of the Yoruba race is God’s grace and it has helped me a lot. It has also helped me to be well behaved. I have learnt a lot from the mothers I met in the house. I have learnt more about the Yoruba tradition too. Alaafin values education, which explains why all his wives are educated. He believes that once a woman is educated, it is of good to her, the kids and society at large.

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“I always pray to God to give me his kind of brain. In Yoruba or English langue, he speaks with great wisdom. I am not surprised because he is always in the library. Yes, his face looks hard but if you are close to him, you will know that he is a funny person. When he started making jokes, many people always forget that they are with the king.”

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