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Coronavirus will re-emerge in Belgium soon, expert warns

It won’t be long before the new coronavirus re-emerges in Belgium, according to microbiologist Herman Goossens.

“Let’s be realistic, we’re seeing outbreaks everywhere and soon here too,” he told Radio 1.

More and more countries in Europe are seeing a resurgence, just at the start of the summer vacation. Various parts of Spain as well as Italy’s Veneto region have seen a resurgence. Croatia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Romania, have all seen their incidence rise by more than 10% in the last two weeks of June compared to the first two weeks.

“I am surprised that there is no legal framework or roadmap yet” in case of a resurgence, Goossens said. “We must have a roadmap so that we can react appropriately when people return” from areas were there is an outbreak. “It is very urgent because we are going to notice more and more outbreaks. And then it’s important to test people and possibly quarantine them.”

“When you leave, it’s best to choose a destination not too far away so you can come back quickly,” Goossens said, adding that people should “take a face mask and avoid enclosed spaces,” he said.

Besides voicing his concern about outbreaks in surrounding countries, Goossens pointed out that “the summer camps have also started and there is a chance that they will have to close due to new outbreaks. It’s something that worries us. And the situation could become very chaotic in the coming weeks in Europe with even more outbreaks. But it’s evolving so fast that it’s difficult to respond to it.”

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