A Woman That is Not Under A Man Is A Wife To Lucifer By Law – Abuja Prophet Warns

A man of God has warned women on the importance of marriage after revealing a shocking truth.

Abuja popular clergy and General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel, Prophet I.O. Samuel (JP) has warned women after revealing some controversial truths about marriage.

The man of God made these truths know during his sermons, and it has caused some mixed reactions.

He revealed that a woman that is not under a man, is a wife of lucifer.

The Prophet captioned it: Exerpts from our teachings at Shiloh word chapel, Abuja on 28/6/2020.

1. A woman that is not under a man is a wife to Lucifer by Law

2. If you don’t call your husband my Lord, but by name you lose your husband to side chicks and the marriage will crash.

3. God and Jesus love all and trust No one, Manage friends, love all and trust no one.

4. Corona is a visitor, it must go. Don’t lose faith and be running COVID 19 fear services.

4a. obey WHO and use face mask and sanitizer, but it will not save your life, jesus is the way, the truth and life.

5. Pretend to be Poor and broke, your true friends will show up ,

6, I think many church branches we have now are not for salvation. but for fame and material things and for membership, preaching only prosperity not morals. If we really preach salvation, who is molesting kids today? Is it not Peter, James and John amongst believers?

7. We must learn to live a sacrificial life ahead from now. Sow seeds to overcome the calamity ahead, I did that with a brand new Jeep, 22Dec to avert the 2020 attacks. Sacrificial life is forgiving all, loving all and sowing seeds to secure the future like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and they overcame famine seasons with success.

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8; After COVID 19, God has banned going from church to church, many churches will collapse many will drop in faith, church will be attacked more

9; If we keep going to church Monday to Sunday no work or business, sinners will take over Wealth and power then take final decisions in government and we the church must obey and suffer shame.

10; Monday to Sunday programs is not of God. people should work, God will bless the work of their hands no big man goes to church 3times a week

11, my husband is womanizer, he is a womanizer, womanize him before he sleeps around everywhere. Keep your marriage sleep deeper with him he will never do that.

12; To win a man give him everything to your pants, if he is not a giver but gives outside; God will visit him and reverse it.

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