Coronavirus kills another 332 New Yorkers as death toll hits 1,550

Coronavirus has now killed a total of 1,550 people across the state of New York . – an increase of 332 people in just 24 hours.

The grim figure was revealed by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference Tuesday, and rose sharply from the 1,218 killed over the preceding 24 hours.

Governor Cuomo said an extra 9,220 people had tested positive for coronavirus since Monday, bringing the total number of Covid-19 diagnoses across his state to more than 76,000.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Governor Cuomo said 10,929 people have now been hospitalized across New York with coronavirus – an increase of 1,412 in 24 hours.

He added that 2,710 of those patients are in intensive care, an increase of 358 overnight. Speaking from his governor’s residence in Albany, Cuomo said: ‘We underestimated this virus.

It’s more powerful and dangerous than we expected.’ Governor Cuomo also announced that 4,975 coronavirus patients have now been discharged from hospital after beating Covid-19, an increase of 771 overnight.

He urged New Yorkers to follow social distancing rules after branding coronavirus ‘the great equalizer’, and explaining how his CNN host brother Chris Cuomo had quarantined himself for two weeks after testing positive for Covid-19.

Governor Cuomo repeated projections estimating that the outbreak will reach its peak in New York in the next 14 to 30 days, but said he ‘didn’t know’ when the state might finally see the back of the outbreak.

He explained: ‘We then have to come down the other side of the mountain once we hit the apex… ‘It’s about stamina. We are not going to have an Easter surprise.’

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