AMOTEKUN: Fulani Caliphate sponsoring MURIC leader to turn Yorubaland into Lebanon, says Yoruba Muslim group

Akintola has no followers. He is an extremist and a sadist. He appears to have s*icide instint. We urge him not to attempt to drag the entire Yoruba along on his pathway of mischief and treachery against the Yoruba people”.

The Coalition of Progressive Yoruba Islamic Groups, (COPYIG), has accused the leader of the Muslim Rights Concern, (MURIC), Prof Ishaq Akintola of desperately working for Fulani Caliphate to destabilise Yorubaland and spur the region into an inter-religious conflict.

The group said Akintola has dedicated his entire lifetime to the promotion of religious distrust, cruel hatred, violence, armed rebellion against Yoruba people and their history and religious bigotry.

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