Nigerian Cooking Makes House Smell- British Denies Student Accommodation Because Of Their Food

According to Reporters, Ebrima Mbosom , who schools in the UK, arranged to view a double room in central London from landlord Elina Vimbsone.

Screengrabs of their conversation show that Ms Vimbsone was initially enthusiastic but then changed her mind after realising he was from Gambia.

Mbosom , 24, a performing arts student, told Sun Online:

“I was completely shocked at the landlord’s response and I still am today. Growing up in England, I’ve experienced all types of racism, but this was the first time that I’ve experienced something this absurd.”

She then told him that the property was “only for European people” after viewing his Facebook profile.

In a chat shared by the student with us, Vimbsone wrote:

“We are not racist or smt just to be honest, I have friends from Nigeria and all house smell what they cook.”

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