Troops Kills Nine Top Boko Haram Media Strategists (See Their Faces)

The Nigerian Army has said that it decimated nine key media personalities of the Islamic State-backed Boko Haram splinter group (ISWAP).

According to a statement by the army on Monday, those killed, include Abu Hurayra al-Barnawi, Ali al-Ghalam al-Kajiri, Abu Musab Muhammed Mustafa al-Maiduguri, and Abu Abdullah Ali al-Barnawi.

Others are Abu Musa al-Camerooni, Ahmed al-Muhajir, Abu Ali al-Bamawi, Abu Khubayb bin Ahmed al-Barnawi and Abu al-Qaqa al-Maiduguri.

The army statement also claims that ISWAP has admitted to the neutralization.

The terrorist group is known for its online media propaganda and quest to maintain a virtual caliphate.

It is believed by the army that annihilating some members of ISWAP media team further confirms that the Force has decimated the group and they no longer have freedom of action.

Abu Musab Muhammed Mustafa al-Maiduguri.1

Abu Abdullah Ali al-Barnawi

Abu Musa al-Camerooni.

Ahmed Al-Muhajir

Abu Ali al-Bamawi: Boko Haram media team

Abu Khubayb bin Ahmed al-Barnawi: Boko Haram media team

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