Fraud: Protesters Move For Removal Of CBN Deputy Gov Over Corruption

Hundreds of protesters this morning besieged the presidential villa gate to demand the immediate removal of a Central Bank of Nigeria deputy governor, Dr Joseph Nnana over corrupt activities.

Nnana who is presently a Board Chairman at the Nigeria Export Import Bank,NEXIM is being fingered to be behind some corrupt and fraudulent activities going on in the bank.

The protesters under the aegis of the Awareness For Good Governance Group (AGGG) said It is disheartening to note the absolute misgivings and unethical conduct of some cursed breeds occupying sensitive position of offices most especially in the financial sector which is supposed to operate on a clean slate.

The Convener of the group, Princess Ajibola said, “we observed with stark dismay the recent dubious engagements of one Dr Joseph Nnana, a former Deputy Governor (Economic Policies) at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) who was appointed barely one year ago to serve as the board chairman of NEXIM

“We regret to publicly announce the fraudulent and nepotistic crave of Dr Nnana who has soiled his already filthy hands with cans of worms without traces of professional approach and have proven to the world that he is not fit to occupy any public office; not even a treasurer of any hamlet developmental Union talk less of a reputed public treasury like NEXIM Bank.

She said as a group, the Awareness For Good Governance platform is a formidable front vested with the sole interest of encouraging good leadership style in the public and financial sector of the economy.

“We all know our beloved country is rated among the third world country. However, our developmental stride is not limited because Nigeria under the pragmatic leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari accord zero tolerance to corruption.

“As an unrepentant Apostle of corruption, the said Nnana who is unqualified to occupy the position of the organization’s Chairmanship is personalizing the affairs of the Bank by allowing his emotions to take the lead while he steers activities of the bank to the murky waters of frustration, looting and scandals.

She said recently, Nnana

authorized the payment of over 100 million naira as severance package for his girlfriend, one Saratu Umar who was once a staff of the bank but was sacked due to her widely attested negligence and incompetence.

“Furthermore, our group noted the latest scheming of Dr Nnana and his cabals by illegitimately recommending and approving mass sack of staff of the bank perceived to opposed his corrupt minded posture, abuse of public office and lack of due process in his self-seeking and serving interest as an dictator without focus.

“The ongoing mass sack through threats and intimidation by Nnana is to allow him his cronies and allies, mostly from his State of Origin amass illegitimate public fund at the expense of the formerly standard but now crippling organization under the watch of corrupt stenched filled Nnanna.

“AGGG further gathered that Dr Nnana’s latest hobby is the comic act of threatening to use the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to witch hunt many of his staff who are contributing their best quota towards the organizational development of the establishment.

“We want to equally caution the EFCC and the entirety of its hierarchy to desist from allowing the fake helmsman of a revered organization to use them for shaming purposes without proper investigation. In effect, we are tasking the EFCCC to investigate Dr Nnana’s role when he served a Board Member in Nigeria’s apex bank before his appointment as Chairman, NEXIM bank.

“It is also worthy of note, NEXIM bank is not just a financial sector but a trade policy financial institution aimed at diversifying the Nigerian economy into a non oil dependent economy.

“To this end, allowing a renowned rogue to pilot the affairs of this noble institution is a clog in the wheels of Nigeria’s developmental goals and in effect painting our beloved nation on a negative timeline.

“We are calling on Mr President and the relevant authorities to invoke punitive measures against the newly identified advocate of corruption – Dr Nnana – before he totally infect the few good personnel remaining in the hierarchy of NEXIM bank.

“It is time to save NEXIM Bank and its staff from this ugly quagmire embodied in the misdeeds of a supposed public officer drenched and dripping the filthy gown of corruption”she said.


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