Former Senate President Writes To Donald Trump Over Killings, Corruption In Nigeria

Former Senate President, Ameh Ebute, has written the United States President, Donald Trump, over a recent report by US Department of State titled: 2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.

The report indicted the Federal Government and state agents, particularly the military of arbitrary killings and other sundry crimes bothering on human rights violations allegedly perpetrated in Nigeria during the year under review.

In the letter titled: Time To Break Off The Disintegration Of Nigeria, Ebute urged the U.S. Government to investigate the researchers who packaged the report and sanction them for official ineptitude as advertised by the alleged poor job.

He said he was encouraged as an elder statesman to write the letter in order to correct certain erroneous impressions and strengthen the records on the assault on human rights direction of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration and the Nigeria Army.

“I commend the friendly interest of the U.S. Government in the affairs of Nigeria. It is a demonstration of the finest pursuit of global agenda of upholding human dignity, peace, unity and security of nations of the world.

“Nigeria relishes the good and smooth diplomatic ties with America in the last few years and believe it will further deepen in the years ahead.

“I accept that the U.S. 2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices is one of the many ways the American Government keeps independent nations around the world on their toes, foster global communism, respect human dignity and fundamental human rights of all races.

“However, I believe certain assumptions in the report on Nigeria, which hinged on human rights violations by the Nigerian Army did not reflect the reality in our country under the Buhari Presidency.

“We must first acknowledge that Nigeria is facing one of its toughest times in history, since independence,” he stated.

Ebute argued that with threatening insecurity issues ranging from Boko Haram terrorism to other insurgencies and senseless agitations, Nigeria has been on the cliffhanger.

“It is glaring to all Nigerians that the veiled and open plots to destabilize Nigeria and possibly cause its disintegration spearheaded by internal actors is actively backed by foreign forces.

“The gang-up against Nigeria to cause its break-up is strong, thick, scary and penetrative, as reflected in the barrage of existing and emerging insecurity threats across the country,” he added.


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