Live Updates: Latest 2019 Presidential Election Results Declared By INEC


Official results from the Presidential and National Assembly elections across Nigeria, announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has started coming in from different wards and Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the country, with most Nigerians anxiously waiting to know who is winning.

INEC commenced the Presidential and National Assembly elections at exactly 8 am on Saturday, February 23, amidst tight security.

Nigerians voted from a list of seventy-two (72) Presidential candidates and 6,584 National Assembly candidates.

Ninety-one (91) political parties are participating in the 2019 general elections, however, some would not be fielding candidate for the position of the president, while others endorsed candidates of the PDP and APC.

According to the figures recently released by INEC, there are currently 84,004,084 registered voters compared to 67,422,005 in the 2015 elections.

In the build-up to the elections, Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigeria’s main opposition party, have popped up clearly as top contenders for the office of the president.

This online news platform understands that Atiku is winning in some part of the country. Buhari is winning also in some places where elections took place.

Naija News brings live updates of the official Presidential and National Assembly election results as announced by INEC, the only body recognised by law to declare election result.

Below are the results… (PLEASE REFRESH ALWAYS)

11.57pm: APC’s Buhari wins Chibok town in Borno

APC: 11,745

PDP: 10,231


APC: 14,545

PDP: 308

Kaga LGA

APC: 14,071

PDP: 471

Bayo LGA

APC: 20,843

PDP: 1,126

11.55pm: Buhari getting good results in Borno state


APC: 35902

PDP: 530


APC: 12,739

PDP: 694


APC: 50,851

PDP: 138

11.45pm: PDP’s Atiku defeats APC’s Buhari in 13 local government areas in Ebonyi state.

11.35pm: Peter Obi, PDP Vice Presidential candidate delivers two local government areas in Anambra state, for Atiku Abubakar.

Dunukofia LGA

APC: 1,452

PDP: 17,270

Anambra West LGA

APC: 2,428

PDP: 15,384

11.30pm: Buhari’s APC and Atiku’s PDP batling for the “soul” of Gombe, a PDP-controlled state

Balanga LGA

APC: 9,320

PDP: 2,967

Billiri LGA

APC: 1,948

PDP: 2,735

Kaltungo LGA

APC: 4,029

PDP: 3,750

Shongom LGA

APC: 3,450

PDP: 3,962

11.00pm: Giade LG Bauchi

APC: 23,534

PDP: 3,940

10.51pm: Owan East, Edo state

APC: 18,678

PDP: 15,221

10.45pm: Esan Northeast LGA In Edo

APC: 7,991

PDP: 13,361

10.41pm: Logo LGA, Benue state

APC: 3,872

PDP: 28,227

10.40pm: Etsako central LGA in edo state

APC: 11,437

PDP: 9,011

10.30pm: Obi LGA, Benue state

APC: 7,336

PDP: 7,803

10.00pm: Owan West LGA, Edo state

APC: 12,524

PDP: 10, 758

9.50pm: PDP’s Atiku Abubakar defeats Buhari in two local government areas in Benue.


APC: 5,255

PDP: 8,073

Agatu LGA

APC: 4,170

PDP: 8,225

8.30pm: Daura LGA, Katsina
Registered voters:85,621
Accredited voters 43,818

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APC: 37,648.
PDP: 4,650

Valid: 42,619.
Rejected: 992
Total vote cast: 43,611

Matazu LGA, Katsina
Registered voters: 64,407
Accredited 37,869

APC- 27,625
PDP- 9,151

Valid: 36,930
Rejected: 567

Ingawa LGA, Katsina
Registered voters: 80,139
Accredited: 39,571

APC – 29,230
PDP – 7,625

Valid: 37,336
Rejected: 1,825
Total vote cast: 39,161

Kurfi LGA, Katsina
Registered voters: 66,163
Accredited: 36,351

APC – 25,074
PDP – 9,175

Valid: 34,672
Rejected: 1040
Total vote cast: 35,900
Cancellation 3 units: 1088 over voting.

Sandamu LGA, Katsina
Registered: 70,255
Accredited: 41,663

APC – 29,221
PDP – 9,025

Valid: 38428
Rejected: 601
Total vote cast:39,029

Rimi LGA, Katsina
APC -33361
PDP – 8818

7.30pm: Ideato South, Imo state.

APC – 20,663

PDP – 8,844

7.15pm: Garun Malam LGA, Kano state

APC: 23,810

PDP: 4,861

Sumaila LGA

APC: 4,904

PDP: 34,609

7.05pm: Shanono LGA, Kano

APC: 24,232

PDP: 8,182

7.01pm: Makoda LGA, Kano

APC: 24,749

PDP: 3,234

7.00pm: Kunchi LGA, Kano

PDP: 4,937

APC: 21,556

6.20pm: Moro Local Government, Kwara state.
APC – 17534

PDP – 7598

6.00pm: Irepodun Local Government, Kwara state

APC – 14395

PDP – 10232

5.55pm: Oke-Ero Local Government, Kwara state

APC – 6079

PDP – 6242

5.32pm: Oyun Local government, Kwara

APC – 11051

PDP – 4,904

5.30pm: APC polled 15,976 while PDP got 10,705 in Asa local government of Kwara state.

4.30pm: Buhari’s APC polled 216 ahead of 196 scored by Atiku’s PDP at polling unit 009 in Gwadabawa, Yola North local government area.

4.00pm: Afikpo south LGA in Ebonyi state

APC: 6,391

PDP: 12,181

3.30pm: Results from Akwanga West, Nasarawa

PDP: 6,163


2.30pm: Atiku defeats Buhari in the ward of the Deputy Governor of Kaduna state, northwest Nigeria, Barnabas Bantex.

According to the results announced by INEC, the former vice president polled 2,991 votes, while Buhari’s APC got 1,443.

1.00pm: APC floors PDP in Kebbi units as Buhari polls 385 to defeat Atiku who got 102 votes at GRA Gulma ward 007 in Birnin Kebbi metropolis.

NINKORO Ward, Nasarawa

APC: 3610

PDP: 3738

KOFAR GWARI Ward, Nasarawa

APC: 1852

PDP: 1838

Agawada Ward, Nasarawa

APC: 3234

PDP: 2340

Azara Ward in Nasarawa


PDP: 2036

Magumeri LGA, Borno state

APC: 12,739

PDP: 694

Adavi LGA, Kogi state

APC: 24,843

PDP: 10,059

Atiku scored zero votes in polling unit of Adams Oshiomhole, the APC National Chairman.

In the presidential election result, APC pulled 775 votes to defeat the PDP, who had zero vote.

Presiding Officer for the unit, Sadiqu Abdulrazak, confirmed that Abubakar scored 1,205 votes while President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) got 173 votes.

Atiku wins in the eight voting points at Unit 007 Pyakas, Lugbe, FCT.

In Anambra: Agu Oka Ward, Awka South, Anambra

APC: 119

PDP: 3227

In Anambra: Wards in Awka South LGA

Presidential election result of Nibo 3:

APC: 51 PDP: 1385

Presidential election result of Nibo 2:

APC: 75

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PDP: 1487

Presidential election result of Amawbia 1:

APC: 34

PDP: 1185

In Anambra: Wards in Awka South LGA

Presidential election result of Amawbia 3

APC: 75

PDP: 1873

Presidential election result of Umuawulu:

APC: 51

PDP: 1348

In Kwara: PU007, Kusomunu Ward 3, Edu Lafiagi

Presidential election result:

APC: 295

PDP: 159

In Gombe: PU019, Ward 7, Gombe LGA

PDP: 17

APC: 141

In Gombe: PU011, Gelengu Ward, Balanga LGA

Presidential election result:

PDP: 99

APC: 27

In Ondo: PU025, Ala quarters, Akure South LGA

Presidential election result:

PDP: 154

APC : 93

RESULT In Ondo: PU7, Ward 4, Ijebu 1, Owo LGA

Presidential election result:

APC: 97

PDP: 95

Ward 3, Saki West LGA, Oyo North Senatorial District

APC 1594

PDP 922

Kano South Collation Centre

Rano LGA, Rurum Tsohon Gari ward

APC 2591

PDP 587

Total Valid Votes 3228

Rejected Vote 34

Total Valid Vote Cast 3262

WARD 12 Orugbo Epe Lagos East

A 1



APC 403




PDP 201

Total Valid Votes 611

Rejected Votes 15

Total Votes Cast 626

Registered Voters 2772

Accredited Voters 627

PDP wins the presidential election at the polling unit of the immediate past governor of Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose.

Atiku defeated President Buhari at the polling unit of the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo.

Ward 3, Saki West LGA, Oyo North

Total Registered voters 8891

Total votes cast 3035

APC 1594

PDP 922


APC 797

PDP 608

Ward 6, Oke- Osun, Ekiti South, Ekiti State.

Number of Registered Voters: 5531

Accredited Voters: 2476

APC – 1455

PDP 822

Total Valid Votes: 2325

Rejected Votes: 117

Total Votes Cast: 2444

Kano South, Zinyau Ward, Rano Central

APC 1541

PDP 572

Total Valid Votes 2150

Rejected votes 40

Total Valid Votes cast 2190

In Rivers: PU 006, Ward 4, Opobo/Nkoro LGA

APC: 72

PDP: 40

In Kano: PU 004, Dan’Agundi ward, Kano Municpal LGA, Kano Central senatorial district

APC: 211

PDP: 61

In Ogun: PU 01, Ward 7, Abeokuta North

APC: 119

PDP: 20

In Kano: PU 013, Kano central senatorial district, Kumbotso LGA, Shagari quarters

APC: 318

PDP: 34

In Edo: Ekpoma Ewelga ward 10, unit 5

APC: 94

PDP: 154

In Benue: PU 13, Ward 2, St Mary’s primary school, Makurdi

APC: 85

PDP: 88

PU007, Ward 5, Iragbiji, Boripe LGA, Osun Central, Osun State

APC 69

PDP 52

In Kano: PU 014 Jamo, Karaye ward, Karaye LGA

APC: 103

PDP: 31

In Kwara: Igbaja polling unit, ward 1, Ilorin

APC: 37

PDP: 10

In Rivers: PU 006, Ward 4, Opobo/Nkoro LGA

APC: 72

PDP: 40

In Kano: PU 004, Dan’Agundi ward, Kano Municpal LGA, Kano Central senatorial district.

APC: 211

PDP: 61

In Kwara: PU 003; Shawo South/East Ward, Offa LGA

APC: 261

PDP: 46

In Benue: PU 014, Ward 1, VIO 1, Makurdi

APC: 80

PDP: 115

In Kwara: Afelele polling unit 1, ward 007

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APC: 238

PDP: 89

In Abuja: PU 020A, Government Secondary School, Apo Resettlement

APC: 42

PDP: 165

In Lagos: PU 008, Ward F, Alausa LGA

APC: 89

PDP: 30

In Kwara: PU8, Asa LG

APC: 59

PDP: 36

In Oyo: PU06, Ward 09, Ogbomoso South LG

APC: 24

PDP: 43

In Borno: PU 004, Bale Galtimari Jere, Borno state

APC: 244

PDP: 32

PU 005, Bale Galtimari Jere, Borno

APC: 349

PDP: 35

PU 014 Waziri Babagana, Shehuri South Ward, Maiduguri, Borno

APC: 200

PDP: 07

In Benue: PU 03, Ward 009, ECWA Secondary School

APC: 184

PDP: 112

Akpabio Delivers Pulling Unit For Buhari

Ukana WEST Ward 2 UNIT 9

Presidential – APC 1553
PDP 11

Senatorial APC 1533

House of REPS – APC 1348

Agbaje loses polling unit

Unit 004 Hinderea Road, Liverpool area, Apapa Lagos which is Agbaje’s polling unit.

According to the Polling Officer, Omolain Ehichioya the APC had 83 votes in the presidential election at the unit while PDP got 80 votes.


APC 88 votes

PDP 79

House of Representatives

PDP 84

APC 74

PU 009, Kofar Fada Rano Central 1 Ward, Rano LGA, Kano South


APC 141

PDP 25

In Osun: Ward 6, Oke- Osun, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State.


APC – 1455

PDP 822

In Kano: Kano South, Zinyau Ward, Rano Central
Presidential Elections

APC 1541

PDP 572


Presidential Result

APC 797

PDP 608

In Ekiti: Ward 5, Ogbonjana, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State

APC – 1251

PDP – 822

In Lagos: Lagos East Senatorial District

APC 608

PDP 301

In Oyo: Ward 8, Saki West LGA, Oyo North Senatorial District

APC 1250

PDP 575

In Akwa Ibom: Abak Urban ward 3, unit 3 in Abak LGA, Akwa Ibom

PDP 285

APC 207

In Lagos: Epe federal constituency. Lagos east ILARA WARD 13

APC 946

PDP 555

In Ekiti: Ward 07, Idemo, Ikere LGA, Ekiti South Senatorial District, Ekiti State.

APC – 933

PDP – 974

In Kwara: Ward 05, Ejidongari, Moro LG, Kwara North.

PDP – 274

APC – 759.

In Kwara: Ward 17, Moro LG, Kwara North collation Centre.

APC – 973

PDP – 659

In Niger: Alkali Mustapha polling unit 004 Kontagora LGA, Niger North senatorial district

APC=397 votes

PDP=32 votes.


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