The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has again called on President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate former President Olusegun Obasanjo for the alleged misdeeds during his tenure.

He said Nigerians should hold the former president responsible for 65 per cent of the problems that have bedeviled the country in recent times, since he superintended over the affairs of the country for 13 years.

Addressing the party’s presidential campaign rally in Yobe State, yesterday, Oshiomhole accused Obasanjo of allegedly bribing legislators during his tenure.

Oshiomhole said: “President Obasanjo ruled the country for 13 years, so whatever are the sins of Nigeria, Obasanjo carries 65 per cent of the burden of that sin. He introduced corruption to the National Assembly giving every senator N100 million, and House of Representatives N50 million.

“Where did he get that money from? Mr. President, in the name of Almighty God, you have a duty when you are re-elected; you have a duty to use this broom. We know it will be shorter, and you know the shorter the more effective it will be. You must find answers, with all due respect, to the mismanagement that Chief Obasanjo did,” he said.

Oshiomhole who also addressed the party faithful in Hausa, said Obasanjo was exhibiting desperation because he was afraid of his betrayal having seen the turnout everywhere President Buhari has gone for campaign.

He also alleged that Obasanjo and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were jittery that the president has been able to withstand the rigour of campaigns and has pulled large crowd at every rally.

According to him, Obasanjo and his PDP collaborators believe that the President Buhari will not be able to campaign.

“They said the president is not campaigning when he said that Bola Tinubu will lead the campaigns.


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