Why Christmas Is Not Christian Celebration – Daddy Freeze

Nigerian on-air personality Daddy Freeze has said Christians should not celebrate Christmas as it is a pagan tradition.

Freeze said the celebration was dedicated to celebrating a pagan god, Nimrod’s birthday in a reaction to a video by an American pastor Brother Benx who said Christmas was unbiblical.

“You can’t just conjure up a date and fool the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday when it’s actually Nimrod’s birthday that coincides with the winter solstice of the druids and pagans,” Freeze wrote.

“Christ never celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all, so why bring him into your pagan rituals and under your pagan gods?

“At the request of pagan ruler Herod Antipas stepdaughter Salome, at his birthday party, John the Baptist was beheaded.

“Birthdays are of pagan, NOT Christian origin! Celebrate your birthdays all you want, JUST KEEP CHRIST OUT OF IT. “


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