‘Why China Is Sponsoring Tour For Nigerian Artists’

The China Cultural Counsellor at the Chinese embassy, and Director Chinese Cultural Centre, Abuja, Mr Li Xuda has said, sponsoring a 7 man/woman Nigerian artists delegation to China was meant to boost their experiences, stressing that such move will help improve Nigeria-China relations.

Mr Xuda made this revelation during an event at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Abuja, to welcome the delegation back to Nigeria. The occasion provided the seven member delegation the opportunity to share their experience in China.

According to Xuda, “China and Nigeria shares long history and culture.

Both countries have smooth diplomatic relationship for many years.

“In order to further strengthen our relations, we have to promote people to people cooperation, especially for local artists.”

Xuda said, the artists benefitted immensely from the trip because if affords them the opportunity to see the progress China has made in the last 40 years, since it opened up its economy.

“We arranged China tour for Nigerian artists, so that they see the real China, its culture and its people, to see everything China stands for, the progress it has made since its opened up reform policy about forty years ago,” Xuda said.

He revealed that the programme will be sustained because of its benefits. “This programme is going to continue every year. Last year, the China Cultural Centre here sent some Nigerians to another China city.

“Also, several years ago, we organised similar tour for Nigerian artist to a very big Chinese city, so that, when they comeback, they have new ideas and experiences.

“When Chinese people come here, they get to know Nigeria’s culture and Nigerians go to China, they know Chinese culture. Through this way, the relationship between the two countries will improve.

“Another thing is, from the perspective of arts. The level of artistic creativity will highly improve. The exchange is a lot of window through which they find lots of new things, Xuda explained.


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