Robert Mugabe unable to walk as health declines

The former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is no longer able to walk as his health deteriorates, his successor has said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, speaking at a rally of party supporters, said the 94-year-old has been in hospital in Singapore for the past two months.

Mr Mnangagwa, who took over from Mr Mugabe a year ago when he faced military pressure, said: “He can no longer walk but we will continue to take care of him.”

Mr Mugabe had been due to return to Zimbabwe on 15 October but was feeling too unwell to travel.

The president did not give further details about Mr Mugabe’s condition, but he is now expected to return to the African nation on 30 November.

Mr Mugabe was the world’s oldest head of state before his dramatic exit following 37 years in power.
During that time he led the country from independence into repression and economic collapse.

For years, Zimbabweans who saw their ageing leader nod off during events speculated how long he would stay in office, while his wife vowed that he could rule from the grave.

In a rare public appearance in July, Mr Mugabe slumped behind a bank of microphones during a news conference and didn’t leave his chair until reporters left.

The president, who was fired by Mr Mugabe when he was his deputy, became a key player in bringing about his exit from power.

Mr Mugabe supported an opposition leader in Zimbabwe’s historic election in July but in September said he accepted Mr Mnangagwa’s win.

At the time, he added: “All of us are now duty-bound to rally behind the government.”
Mr Mnangagwa has vowed to revive Zimbabwe’s weak economy by trying to attract desperately needed foreign investment.


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