Ahmad Salkida reveals those behind attack on military base, killing over 100 soldiers

Ahmad Salkida, a journalist known to have access to Boko Haram, on Friday revealed those behind the recent attack on a military base in Metele, Borno State.

Salkida disclosed that a factional group of the Islamic State West Africa Province, ISWAP, was behind the recent attack that claimed the lives of several military personnel.

In a series of tweets, Salkida stated that ISWAP was set to become the most lethal branch of IS terrorist group in the world.

According to the journalist, the factional Boko Haram group intended to achieve its aim through its current trend of attacks and recruitment.

He wrote: “#ISWAP in Al-Naba news confirmed that it carried out attacks on a military base in Metele, on 18th and a second one on 19th/20th, when the military went to collect the fallen comrades. In all, the terror group claimed to have killed 100 soldiers.

“If the current trend of recruitments and attacks continues, #ISWAP looks set to be the most lethal branch of #IS in the world. The pace of recruitment today, is almost similar to 2013/14. Today, there is a competition to join Jihadi herd between Nigerians and Francophone youths.

“The current video that is trending online (as pictured here), is not the latest attack in Metele, it is the Zari attack on 30th August and the video was released September 7/8, 2018. Now, the question is, where will #ISWAP or #BokoHaram attack next, because the trend is apparently predictable?”


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