PDP accuses Buhari of being insensitive to sufferings of Nigerians

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari of being insensitive to the “sufferings” of Nigerians.

Buhari had on Monday in Lagos said Nigerians “who feel they have another country may choose to go” elsewhere.

“What I said long ago in 1984 is still valid today. We have no other country but Nigeria. Others who feel they have another country may choose to go. We will stay here and salvage it together,” Buhari said.

However, the opposition party has described the president’s statement as “unpresidential, defeatist and characteristic of a failed leadership, which has lost all sense of responsibility towards its citizens.”

“Mr President’s comment is also a mockery on millions of Nigerians who have lost their businesses and whose families have been wrecked by the anti-people policies of the Buhari-led APC administration,” PDP’s media aide Kola Ologbodiyan said in a statement.

The party noted that Buhari was “completely insensitive to the plight of our citizens and has no solution to the myriad of problems his incompetent and disorganized administration has caused our nation.”

Although, Buhari who became president in 2015 had on different occasions accused the PDP of looting the country’s treasury and crippling the nation’s economy.

The PDP also described the Buhari led government of being a “wasteful and inept administration, to the extent that many have taken to suicide missions and slavery as survival options.”

“Since Mr President now knows that Nigerians across the board are hurting over the failures of his administrations, the least he, as an elected leader, should have done, was to accept responsibility, rise up to the occasion and find solutions,” said the statement.

The opposition party stated that President Buhari rather than dismissing the pains of the suffering Nigerians and asking them to abandon their fatherland, he should offer soothing words instead.

The PDP urged Buhari to understand that Nigerians can no longer “take the failures, insensitivity and incompetence of his administration” as the “nation belongs to all of us. Our citizens believe and love their fatherland and will never abandon it”


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