Boko Haram: How Nigerians reacted to death of aid worker, Hauwa Leman

Nigerians on social media have expressed sadness over the death of Hauwa Leman, an aide worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), a faction of Boko Haram, executed Hauwa Leman, an aide worker with the ICRC on Monday.

The terrorists, however, promised to keep Leah Sharibu, one of the Dapchi schoolgirls who is still being held captive in their custody.

Reacting to Hauwa’s death, Some Nigerians took to their Twitter pages, accusing Buhari’s government of being responsible for her death.

Here are some comments gathered on Twitter:

@Fishcfr “Heartbreaking to hear about the killing of Hauwa Leman. Condolences to her family, loved ones and the ICRC at this difficult time. One day, all these will end and peace will reign.”

@Mlog23 “So after all the threat, the Buhari government and Buratai’s army still allowed Boko Haram murder Hauwa Leman? These people are incompetent, 2019 elections should kick them out.“

@JohnNetworQ “Hauwa Leman,It’s a sad day for our country. This is not just on Buhari . It’s on all of us. I feel sad,Angry,Scared. No one shld score any political points from this. This is on everybody. We have failed.”

@Muyiwag “I am horrified and saddened by the murder of Hauwa Leman. She dedicated her life to the service of others and has paid the supreme sacrifice. May God comfort those she left behind. I call on the government to deploy extreme measures to rescue all other captives, known and unknown.”

@Amaeshi “HauwaLeman the murderers bear full responsibility for this crime against humanity but those in power must account for their shoddy effort at our protection.
RIP Hauwa Leman.”

@PhilipOtobo “just received the sad news of the execution of Hauwa Leman, an @ICRC aid worker by Boko Haram. This is really heartbreaking.

“The FG must not allow Leah Shaibu & others still being held captive to suffer the same fate in the hands of these terrorists. The time to ACT is now!

@D_Oluwale “Fight against corruption and insurgency been their main campaign promise, 4yrs down the line they told us they have defeated BH yet killings from these devils never stop. Oh, wait Boko Haram has been TECHNICALLY defeated they told us. Thoughts and prayers with Hauwa Leman’s family.”

@LoluAkinteye “To imagine we are presently being led by a retired General who claim to have knowledge of antiterrorism and war. If Buhari did not fail you, I beg to say he has failed Hauwa Leman and the international community. No politics here, this is just being human.”

@MrOkayNigeria “Imagine, a lady was executed even when the terrorists placed a deadline on her Life. Who should be blamed? The Government or Nigeria as a Nation? R.I.P.P. Hauwa Leman.”

@VillageParrot “Buhari was more concerned about threatening the opposition with travel ban than rescuing Hauwa Leman.

“Every day, it is increasingly evident why we must vote out this lifeless and heartless cancer that’s destroying our country.”

@Fkabudu “Just read about Hauwa Leman. Jesus Christ. Was there really nothing that could have been done the whole week? This country wastes lives.”


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