Nigeria at 58: Yoruba Youth Council calls for disintegration

The youth arm of the Pan-Yoruba social-political group, Afeniferere, Yoruba Youths Council, YYC, Ondo State chapter has called for the disintegration of Nigeria.

The group in a statement made available to DAILY POST stressed that most Nigerian youths no longer believed in the Nigeria project.

In the statement signed by the Chairman of the group, Pastor Benson Akinwunmi to commemorate the nation’s 2018 Independence Day celebration, the group stated that the dwindling patriotism among most youths in the country left the continuous existence of the nation as one entity to question.

Akinwunmi also alleged that the current quagmire which the country was witnessing was largely due to the crop of leaders that had continued to handle her affairs.

He said “the Nigerian project is a failed one, it’s been bad but now it is worse and we don’t believe in the actualisation anymore.

“Many nations of the world are faced with different challenges which confronts them daily, ranging from natural disaster, declines in economy development, disease epidemic and many more in which we see them thriving, surviving and gradually coming out of such problem until they are totally free.

“You see a nation being divided along ethnics and religious line; a nation where a particular tribe is the colonists and some are the colonized; where the system of government is based on deception and corruption; where the personal or selfish interest of some few individuals supersede the interest of the poor masses who are the majority; where the lives of a cow is worth more than hundreds of human lives; where innocent children are burned and massacre in cold blood and nobody is being apprehended for it; where there’s no respect for the rule of law; where democracy is no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people, but people of the government, by the government and for the government; where the voice and votes of the people no longer counts; where the economy is deteriorating by hour; where the heath and education system is designed to only favour the rich while the poor are being marginalised, deprived and gradually being fizzled out.

“What more can we say about this nation? We thought the colonial masters were not doing us any good but now many of our youths are now the one running to them willingly as sex slaves and whores.

“Our mental faculty is being made weak and weaker everyday through poverty, hardships and anxiety, and that’s why you see in an election where lives and properties were lost and yet the people who are being cheated said its free and fair because they were able to lay hold on some thousands of naira which they hope would cater for there immediate problems.

“We have believed so much in our leaders and they have failed us woefully, we have come to the realization that none of them has the interest of the majority whom they represent at heart.

“This is the state of our nation as at this first day of October 2018.

“We can no longer continue with this crop of leadership which lacks vision for the youths and the country at large.”

The group which vow to tow the path of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in advocating for the division of the country, called on the international community to help facilitate the process.

“We thereby call on the international communities to come to our rescue as we join our IPOB counterpart in echoing the demands of our fathers to question the continuous existence of Nigeria as one nation.

“We demand the division of Nigeria and hence the secession of interested ethnic group or part of the country.

“We have been pushed beyond walls and hence revolt is inevitable when the time shall come.

“We join our regrets with all other youths and especially the Yoruba youths across the nations of the earth as we mark Nigeria’s 58th independent but dependent anniversary,” he concluded.

Source: Dailypost

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