Woman Reveals How Pastor Took Advantage Of Her When She Went To Meet Him For Prayers

A church member is angry with her pastor after he only paid back some of the money he had borrowed from her.

According to reports, the South African woman identified as Prudence Sindane gave a pastor R27, 000 (over N664,000) in January last year. She claimed the pastor paid back R10 000 (over 246,000) and said the rest of it was an offering.

“An offering should be offered willingly, not scammed like he did,” she said.

Prudence from Motla, North West, South Africa, said the pastor approached her last year and claimed God had told him she must lend him money. She was reluctant but the man of God convinced her and church members pressured her to help him.

Prudence said she had planned to buy a car and had been saving towards it.

“I went to the pastor to ask for blessings, but he took advantage of me.“I went to him because I wanted guidance from him as a prophet of God.”

Prudence said hardly a month after that, the pastor came to her and claimed God had said she must lend him money.

“He’s saying the money he owes me was an offering. He must tell God to give him money so he can pay me.”

The pastor said he didn’t want his name in the paper. “Yes I told her God showed her to me so she could lend me money.“I’m going to pay her the balance as soon as I get it month-end,” he said.


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